Best heart rate monitors without a chest strap 2019.

Accurate heart rate monitors without the need for an uncomfortable chest strap are now a reality.

There are numerous reasons why it is a good idea to be screening your pulse regularly. Your primary care physician may have told you to do it to you it or you may just think it wise for your general well being monitoring or while exercising to ensure you are in the correct BPM zone.

For years the only decent heart rate monitors you could get also required an uncomfortable chest strap that was less than ideal, especially when trying to exercise.

Luckily, you can purchase a HRM’s at very affordable prices these days though some of these do give less than accurate results unfortunately.

With such a large number to choose from out there, how would you truly know which of these available is the best for you and your budget? Here is a rundown of the best heart rate monitors that don’t require a chest strap we could discover.

1. Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Watch plus Activity Tracker (TECHOJO CHOICE)

The Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Watch plus Activity Tracker is our choice for the best heart rate monitor without a chest strap.

It is a watch style monitor, which is comfortable fit and snugness while exercising. It can also track your steps, calories burned, and your distance.

It can log 25 hours of data, and it also can sync with the best fitness apps on android and iOS.

Totally waterproof swimmers are able to also use the Mio Alpha as it is water resistant. You can also use with it the Mio PAI App and the Mio GO app, these allow you to see and record all your data at a quick glance.

It comes in two sizes, large and small / medium, and three color options, black, yellow with black, and punch color with black. This monitor has up to 24 hours of battery per charge.

Price at time of writing is $157.99, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Comfortable design

• Very accurate

• Measures your distance

• Calorie timer and counter

• Very easy to use

• Battery life is about 24 hours with monitor activated

• Waterproof up to 100 feet

• Adjustable strap

What we like

Jammed packed with features. With ability to track your steps, record calories burned, and monitor your distance.

What we don’t like

The design is a bit large and bulky and some people will not like the design. The Bluetooth also cannot be turned off.



• Very Accurate

• Syncs to multiple apps

• Easy to use design

• Waterproof

• One-year warranty

• Several color options


• A bit large and bulky

• Bluetooth can’t be turned off

• Hard to see display in bright light sometimes



2. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is a great choice for those looking for a monitor that is easy-to-use.

It can keep track of various sports including running, walking, cross-training, cardio, and biking. The SmartTrack feature also records your workouts to your Fitbit dashboard.

The GPS maps your routes and tracks your stats. You can see this information on your Fitbit dashboard or app.

The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch can keep track of your steps, floors climbed, calories burned, sleep, and activity minutes. You can also get notifications via text, calls, calendar alerts, plus alerts on your social media.

Price at time of writing is $159.99, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Good looking design

• Accurate

• Can measures your distance

• Comes with calorie timer and counter

• Very easy to use

• Long battery life of five days

• Waterproof

• Counts your steps

• Sleep tracker

• Notification system

• Durable design

• Easy to use large touchscreen

What we like 

The Blaze comes with many advanced features that many other monitors don’t come with. Such as multi-sport tracking and the ability to for you to set your own target goals that can be tracked.

It monitors your activity all day, even if you are not exercising.

The notification settings are awesome and you can get notified via call, text, and social media.

What we don’t like 

The text notifications are too small, and many people find it hard to read them.

There have been some reports that the battery life only lasts about a year and then after that it doesn’t hold charge very well.


• Multi activity tracking

• Pre set workouts

• Sleep monitoring setting

• Fast charging


• Non waterproof

• Notifications wording is very small



3. Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep plus Activity Tracker

The Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep plus Activity Tracker is the most affordable choice on the list.

This device monitors your heart rate during exercise, and it also tracks activity, calories burned, steps, sleep, pace, you can also use it to keep track of your goals.

You can sync up to many fitness apps via Bluetooth, and it is water resistant up to 100 feet.

Price at time of writing is $49.99, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Tracks sleep

• Has a built-in alert system

• Comes with calorie timer and counter

• Battery life is seven days

• Waterproof

• Comes with an adjustable strap

• Counts steps

• Comfortable

• Measures distance

What we like

The Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep plus Activity Tracker is very affordable. It has a good comfortable design and you can choose from three different color choices.

Battery life is good, and recharges quickly and is waterproof.

It tracks your activity all day long, your calories burnt, the pace you have when you are exercising, plus sleep, amount of steps, and also tracks your own set goals.


What we don’t like

The app is rather difficult to use and takes a long time to learn to use it. There are other apps which are much easier to use.

It doesn’t give out notifications like some other heart rate monitors which we have listed.



• Very affordable

• All-day activity monitoring possible

• Good battery life

• Very Comfortable design


• No notifications given

• During testing the monitor sometimes became slow and lagging



4. Polar OH1+

The Polar OH1 armband monitor is a comfortable design, reliable, lightweight design, the Polar OH1 also comes in at an affordable price of $79.95.

Charge time for the battery is fast and with the Bluetooth syncing you can use the monitor in conjunction with multiple fitness apps such as Strava. If you don’t want a chest strap design monitor but can tolerate an armband then you can’t get much better than the Polar OH1.

Price at time of writing is $79.95, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Affordable price of $79.95

• Can store up to 200 hours of training data

• 12 hour of battery run time

• Can be used with multiple fitness apps

What we like

The Polar OH1 is very light, The armband itself only weighs 0.42 ounces (12 grams). Dues to this light weight it feels very comfortable to wear.

The OH1 is an optical monitoring device and gives very accurate readings.  The one size fits all design may seem like it wouldn’t be a perfect fit for everyone but yet it stretches easily to about a 24-inch so nobody will have trouble wearing it.

Waterproof design to 30 metres.


What we don’t like

The battery life could be with being a bit longer, 12 hours is fine for most people but if you take it somewhere you couldn’t charge it easily and forgot to charge after a couple of uses you could be in trouble.



• Comfortable design.

• Very lightweight.

• Fast charging battery

• Large data memory

• Works with many apps including Strava.


• Only reads heart rate.

• Limited app connectivity.

• Battery lasts 12 hours



5. Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

The Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker is a very nicely designed heart rate monitor that is also  affordable.

The display is nice and bright so you can see it well even during the day outdoors. It monitors your heart rate, steps, distance, floors climbed, and calories used.

You can receive alerts via text, your calendar, email, and social platform alerts You can also listen to your your own music too.

Price at time of writing is $89.99, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Comfortable design

• Measures your distance

• Comes with calorie counter and timer

• Easy to use design

• Long battery life of five days

• Waterproof

• Step counter

• Tracks your sleep

• Built-in notification system

What we like

As your would expect with the Garmin brand it has a high quality build and design and It was very accurate during testing.

Multiple colors are available, and it is also very comfortable. It is fully adjustable and the screen is also easy to read under the glare of the sunlight.

It provides you with all the most important functions needed such as recording your steps to your intensity, and it can also monitor your sleep patterns.

What we don’t like

The wrist bands can stretch over time and after a while they can feel loose so maybe need replacing.

During testing we also some trouble sometimes with the connection with the charger. It could be that this part need to be kept clean and free of dust.


• Affordable

• Sleek design

• Control your music on the go

• Get alerts via text, email, and social media

• Heart rate monitoring and training


• Wrist straps got loose over time

• Charge port sometimes didn’t work.


6. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar A360 Fitness Tracker is very accurate, it also comes with a bunch of premium features like personalized training support.

It tracks multiple data points such as calories burned, your steps taken, your distance, workout performance, and even your sleep patterns.

The touch screen is bright and easy to read, and it also vibrates to alert you to remain active. Fully waterproof means it is a great choice for swimmers.

The Polar A360 also has a good calorie counter, so you can keep track of your calories easily during your day to day activities or during a workout session.

Price at time of writing is $135.90, you can check the latest price here on Amazon


Key points to note:

• Comfortable fit during testing

• Accurate results

• Measures your distance

• Comes with calorie counter

• Long battery life of five days

• Waterproof

• Counts your steps

• Monitors your sleep

• Touchscreen with full color display that is easy to read.

What we like

Multiple monitor abilities such as activity tracker for steps, calories, sleep patterns and quality and your distance.

Very good bright colorful touchscreen display with vibration functions to keep you aware of your activities or lack of.

Good solid Waterproof is great for swimmers.

What we don’t like

Though on stand by mode the battery life is long we noticed during testing that when the monitor is in active mode it drains the battery rather quickly, faster than other monitors.

The straps have a less quality feel than some other wrist monitors out there.


• Bright, clear display

• Waterproof design

• Good calorie counting

• Touch screen design that also vibrates

• Personalized tips for your specific goals


• Battery drains fast while in active monitor mode

• Low quality wrist bands



We have compared some of the best strapless heart rate monitors on the market. We have looked at many of the best known brands such as Garmin, Fitbit, and Mio.

We have tested these products and also taken a deep look at many of the consumer reviews online. After all of that, we have come up with the best of the best to be: the Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Watch + Activity Tracker.

The reasons the Mio Alpha 2 took the number one spot is its great design and comfort. It is also rather affordable, you get multiple alerts and functions and can even listen to your music through it.

Though not perfect we believe if you take into account all the considerations the Mio Alpha 2 monitor is our favourite.